R.A.M - River Auto Material v1.6.1

R.A.M - River Auto Material

RAM pack gives you ability to create very advanced river with flowmap automatically. Shader generates few cascade type by slope of the mesh. You simply drag and drop river material into mesh or you could create it by our advanced spline tool with profiles system and a stream is done. Spline tool could create even simple road - check our image examples. With all sliders and options you have full control on every river stage, you could control: specular, smoothness, speed, normal strength, tessellation strength, foam texture, shallowness, deep color, water depth, cascades and waterfalls and much much more. You could locally customize river or blend with other water systems by our vertex paint tool. With flowmap painter and system you could simply change local river direction to avoid stones etc. The river stream could work in every direction U, -U or V, -V of mesh UV map. Advanced river tool gives ability to connect/disconnect multiple rivers/lakes/sea in 1 place. Shader could generate styled or realistic rivers, swamps, all depends on user setup – pack contain many examples. Reflections come from reflection probes. Asset contains HQ ground textures with perfect height blend, best in use for our CTS terrain shader. Particles and road textures are also included Pack is also suitable as fountain shading like we shows at video and it support floating island structures. Floating demo is inside the pack. Simulate option, will generate whole river from 1 point, it will analise shapes, colliders and create most acurate river. Object flowmap and vertex color painter allows to create floating islands with waterfalls and correct water movment. Our script and shaders allows automatic wetness when object hit the spline surface.
Pack is compatible with road systems - easy road etc, world creator river systems, vegetation studo and vegetation studio pro.

Pack support unity:
- Unity 5.6
- Unity 2017
- Unity 2018
- Unity 2018 LW SRP

Pack co-op with lava solution based on same spline system (lern one system to rule them all):
Lava & Volcano Environment


# 1 River spline tool:
- create very advanced connected river networks (lakes,sea,rivers,swamps,);
- customize your river via vertex paint;
- change local river direction or customize flow by flowmap painter;
- blend your river with any other waters like AQUAS;
- scale, move, rotate any river point;
- snap/unsap into the terrain or models in all or separated points also via model layers;
- change spline shape per point or in all points to create best looking road or river;
- change triangle amount and distribut them in spline space to get cheapes and best looking spline;
- create fabalous waterfalls, slow, fast river, lake, swamp area;
- rotate, invert uv to make compatibility with every texture direction;
- profile system - save your river/road/swamp setup and new river in 2 seconds;
- automatic river network refreshing system to avoid river connections problems;
- automatic flowmap river generation, controlled by curves ;
- terrain shaping tool with future shape visualisation;
- automatic object wetness with our shader, when it hit our river;
- simulate river tool, setup 1 point and R.A.M will analise space to create river;
- API;
- CSV points import option;
- vegetation Studio support;
- vegetation Studio PRO support;
- streaming friendly - cut your river into submeshes;

# 2 Shaders and material features :
- totaly cheap in render it will even run on VR or mobile;
- tesselation support;
- vertex paint support;
- stylized water shader and materials variants;
- flowmap support;
- swamp shader variants;
- mobile shaders for sea, swamp, river;
- simple sea or lake material;
- few river mesh examples;
- river shaders could rotate UV from U/-U into V/-V directionsl;
- river materials in few versions (U,V,-V, Linear,Gamma);
- river works on linear and gamma rendering (you only need to change falloff slider);
- wet stones shader;
- wet stones with moss shader;
- unity 2017 support;
- unity 5.6 support;
- unity 2018 and LW SRP support;
- floating island support with demo;
- stylized shaders with examples;
- instanced indirect with VS support;

# 3 Artistic addons:
- 47 (8 sets) HQ ground textures (Albedo, Normal, AO, Height) for river and its borders;
- set of river textures (foam, normals, cascades);
- set of stylized textures (foam, normals, cascades);
- set of river/lake textures for swamp ;
- PBR and NON-PBR particle effect sets;
- cts profile file to get terrain height blend result by 1 click;
- example road material with HQ textures;
- example photoscanned rock;
- floating island mesh with UV Free shader;
- 2 galaxy skybox for floating Island demo;
- video demo available at forum (it need additional assets);
- many demos with different setup examples and tips;

# 4 Additional compatibility:
- easy road compatibility;
- enviro sky compatibility (pdf at forum);
- Vegetation Studio support;
- Vegetation Studio PRO support;

Asset version: 1.6.1
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