Pro Draw Call Optimizer v4.3.5

Pro Draw Call Optimizer v4.3.5

Pro draw call is an editor extension that will easily reduce your draw calls by creating atlases for your models so they can share materials for static/dynamic batching.

Custom shaders?, no worries, the tool will automatically recognizes any shader that uses textures.

Supports Unity 5, 2017, 2018+!
- Easy, 2 clicks and have your scene optimized
- No scripting required.
- Meshes automatically set up and adjusted.
- Full lightmapping support.
- Your source assets will not be touched.
- Full multiple material per game object support.
- Full support for tiled materials.
- Examples included for you to see and play.
- Quick and easy object search by tag or layer.
- Option to create prefabs for the generated objects.
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