OSC simpl v1.2

OSC simpl v1.2

An Open Sound Control implementation tailored for Unity.

Beware, if you are completely new to Unity or have zero scripting experience then take a few tutorials before you proceed to buy this asset. In any case, please take a peek in the manual and reference to see if this is for you.

- All OSC argument types (except MIDI)
- Bundles with timetags
- UDP IPv4 Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast
- Unity's .Net 2.0 Subset
- Export for OSX, iOS, and Windows (no guarantee for other platforms, but they might work. Currently no support for Windows Store).

- Manual
- Reference
- Examples
- Full source code
- Runtime UI prefabs

- Map addresses from scripts and inspector
- Monitor messages
- Monitor remote connection status
- Filter message duplicates (optional)
- Auto bundle messages (optional)
- Add timetag to bundled message (optional)
- Disable multicast loopback (optional)

Tested with
OpenFrameworks, Processing, Max/MSP, VVVV, TouchOSC, Lemur, Iannix and Vezer.
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