Obi Fluid v4.1

Obi Fluid

With Obi Fluid you can create fully multi-threaded AAA quality fluid simulations with ease. Fluids react to each other, can affect and be affected by rigid bodies (even make them float or sink!), and are capable of sticking to surfaces.

Please note that fluid simulation is a very intensive task. Be aware of its performance implications before using it.

Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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What to use it for:
- Small scale fluid simulations
- 2D fluid game mechanics
- Dripping fluid
- Splash effects

What NOT to use it for:
- Large scale fluid simulations
- Pools, oceans, lakes, floods

All physical properties or the fluid are adjustable: viscosity, density, surface tension, stickiness, vorticity...

- Custom emitter shapes.
- Two-way rigid body interaction.
- Modular solver: don't waste performance, all parameters are exposed.
- Adjustable solver iteration count.
- In-editor simulation preview.
- Hassle-free particle resolution adjust using a single parameter.
- Supports high density ratios in multiphase simulations.
- Simulation state gets serialized -> save your fluids mid-simulation->instantiate them already warm-started.
- Supports Box, Sphere, Capsule, Mesh, Character and Terrain colliders.
- Automatic camera culling: non-visible fluids do not update their simulation.

Asset version: 4.1
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