Master Server Kit v1.18

Master Server Kit

Master Server Kit is a complete library that allows you to host your UNET-based multiplayer game on a dedicated server.


- Player registration and authentication (can be bypassed if desired).

- Guest mode.

- Support for both world-based and room-based games.

- Matchmaking supporting public and private games. Independent game server instances are dynamically spawned and destroyed as needed.

- Zone servers that allow you to distribute the game server load across different machines (useful for load balancing or region-based matchmaking).

- Player properties system that can be used for implementing currencies and achievements with persistent storage in a database. Default implementations are provided for SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB and LiteDB.

- Chat with support for public and private messages and an unlimited number of channels.

- Complete and extensively documented C# source code. Customers have access to the private repository of the project.

- Compatible with games using UNET, including games that use the Network Manager component.

- Includes demo that showcases the functionality of the kit.

This kit is ideal if you want to host your game on a dedicated server and/or you need to run your game logic authoritatively on the server to help prevent cheating.

Asset version: 1.18
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