Fracturing Destruction v1.16

Fracturing Destruction

The Ultimate Fracturing & Destruction Tool is a Unity editor extension that allows you to fracture , slice and explode meshes into shards.
It also allows to visually edit behaviors for all in-game destruction events like collisions and projectile impacts. This enables to trigger sounds and create dust or explosion particles without any scripting.
Includes four different sample scenes!

Works on Unity 3.5/4.x/5 (No Pro required)
Compatible with our Concave Collider

- Includes sample scenes for quick learning
- Includes full source code
- Fracture / break / slice / explode an object.
- Supports BSP & Voronoi fracture algorithms
- Imports externally fractured objects (RayFire...)
- Structural behavior and shard interconnection
- Detects mesh islands generating chunks
- Maps the interior of the broken mesh
- Event editor for particles, prefabs & sounds
- Compound object fracturing support
- Integration with our Concave Collider tool
- Tested with PlayMaker and ProBuilder
- Many parameters to play with!

Turn your assets into fully destructible objects!

Asset version: 1.16
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