Easy Cull v1.7

Easy Cull v1.7

Easy Cull is an advanced frustum culling system which is used to disable renderers that are not within the field of view of your camera.
This will drastically reduce the amount of draw calls and will greatly improve the performance of your project.

Typically you would adjust the culling distance with the camera's far clip plane.
But in most cases low far clip plane values will lead to visible assembling of e.g. your terrains.

Easy Cull however uses a so called 'culling sphere' appoach.
Only objects that are within the culling sphere AND within the camera's view frustum are visible.
The rest (e.g. terrain or ground) remains untouched.

Additional features:
- Objects can either instantly pop in/out or smoothly fade in/out (fading speeds are adjustable).

- All objects that should be culled are cached before the game starts.

- Define tags and layers for objects which you want to cull and let Easy Cull take care of them.

- Works with multiple cameras (3D only / no split-screen scenarios!).

- Decide if you want to cull renderers or even disable game objects.

- Supports both 3D and 2D scenarios.

- Includes full source code (C#) and documentation.

- Please note that custom shaders need to support "_Color" in their code!
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