Apex Path v2.5.1

Apex Path

Apex Path is fast and easy dynamic pathfinding.

Full functionality in both free and pro. Supports Unity 5.

Apex Path handles hundreds of units, local avoidance steering, dynamic obstacles, and changing geometry.

One-click quick starts, ensure an intuitive set-up with no coding experience required.

It is very easy to extend and add your own behaviors to fit your games' specific requirements.

Features include:
- One-click setup
- Dynamic obstacles
- Multi-threading
- Load balancing
- Height maps
- Portals
- Multiple grids
- Dynamic Pathfinding
- Basic Steering with local avoidance
- Attributes
- Multiple platforms
- Multiple algorithms
- Patrol routes
- Extensibility
- Integration with other modules from Apex Game Tools, e.g. Apex Steer.

Apex Path is packed with more than 30 examples and tutorials to get a clear overview of the features and get you started handling any game scenario.

Asset version: 2.5.1
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    1. Please upload medieval interiors pack