Runtime Editor v1.3.2u

Runtime Editor v1.3.2u

Runtime Editor is a set of scripts, which will help you to implement runtime scene/level editor. Package divided into several parts, could be used together or independently: RTEditor, RTHandles, RTSaveLoad, UIControls.

♥ Positon, Rotation, Scale handle;
♥ BoxSelection, Selection gizmo;
♥ Scene Gizmo, Grid;
♥ Collider, Light, Audio component Gizmos;
♥ Global & Local coordinates;
♥ Center & Local pivot point mode;
♥ Scene view navigation;
♥ Snapping (Grid, Ground, Unit, Vertex)
♥ Orthographic & Perspective view;
♥ Game View;
♥ Play & Edit mode;
♥ Hierarchy, Project, Inspector windows;
♥ Object & Component editors;
♥ Material editor;
♥ Property Editors
♥ Save & Load to FileSystem;
♥ Asset Bundles Support;
♥ Programmatic Resources Support;
♥ Undo & Redo;
♥ Assembled editor Prefab
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