Graph And Chart v1.51

Graph And Chart

State of the art charts. 2D and 3D, Beautiful, Responsive and Interactive. All charts are completly customizable and can be set up quickly either from code or from the unity editor. Graph And Chart can be used with any platform including VR/AR, mobile ,web and desktop.

Bar Chart , Pie Chart , Torus Chart , Graph Chart , Bubble Chart and Radar Chart. All can be either 2D or 3D. All can be customized completly with your own colors, sizes, materials and prefabs. Integrates with UI Canvas

The package comes with more than a dozen chart themes , some can be seen in the images below and in the demos.

For the complete feature list check out the Online Mannual

Main Features:

* Full source code included

* Full editor preview for all charts

* All charts can be fully configured from code or from the unity editor without any code.

* All charts can be completely customized with your own prefabs, colors, materials and sizes.

* Click, hover and leave events for all charts.

* Dynamic and responsive to size changes.

* More than a dozen ready made themes. Some can be seen in the screen shots below. More are coming.

* Includes tutorials that can show you how to quick start with all charts. How to place your own objects on top of charts. and How to manage large amounts of data.

* Axis components with customized materials and apearance, date labels ,formatted labels , texture tiling along the axis lines. all aspects of the axis can be set up with your own parameters ,including : divison count and gap ,thickness , label positioning etc.

* 2D/3D Responsive Bar chart with labels and axis. Supporting multiple categories and groups. Automatically animated with mouse hover. Bars can be animated between values. Bars can be stacked on top of one another. Bar distance, bar group distance and axis position can all be configured easily. label positions can be configured with offset and bar alignment. the bars can be set to be your own prefabs (so they can have any shape) , also there are ready made prefabs for smoothed out bars and cylinderal bars. Everything can be customized

* 2D/3D Responsive Pie chart and torus chart with lables. automatically animated with mouse hover. value changes can be animated. pie items can be extruded , depthened and controlled individualy or collectivly. 3D pie can be smoothed at the edges. Everything can be customized.

* 2D/3D Responsive Graph chart , with multiple categories , line fill and point marks. supports lines and curves.Automatically animated with mouse hover. all visual components are completly customizable with your own sizes materials and prefabs. texture tiling is supported for line and fill. dotted lines are supported. The graph is scrollable,zoomable, and pannable. autoscroll supported . completely configurable labels and formarting. The 2D Graph supports realtime plotting.

* 2D/3D Responsive Bubble chart which is essentialy a graph chart with a bubble extension. Making it extremly verstile. everything is customizable.

* 2D/3D Responsive Radar chart , with multiple categories , line fill and point marks. automatically animated with mouse hover. everything is customizable with your own prefabs, materials , colors and sizes.

* A legend prefab that can be used with all types of charts.

* Chart animation components for bar, pie ,torus and 2D graph charts

* Includes gradient material for both canvas and world space.

* includes ready made textures for line styles and point styles, and ready made prefabs use with all charts.

Asset version: 1.51
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