Highlight Glow System v5

Highlight Glow System v5

Highlight Glow System adds an outline glow to any object including complex parent-child prefabs and it is highly configurable. Optionally displays a label on the object when mouse enters. Tested on Android and iOS devices. VR cardboard supported.

Highlight Glow Modes
-Mouse Over: Adds the glow when mouse enter the object.
-Always On: Always display the glow on the object.
-Flashing: The object increases and decreases the outline glow
-User Call: The users calls two public functions to switch on and off the glow.

Display Options
'Use Normal' Set ON for complex meshes and off for basic ones.
'Flash speed' Set the flashing speed when the flashing is on.
'No Occlusion' Object glow will be visible even when object is occluded.
'Scale Glow' Set On when mode normal is Off and the mesh is very elongate.
'Glow Intensity' How thick the outline will be.
'Glow Opacity' How transparent the glow effect is.
'Glow Color' Color of the outline glow.

Display Label
Optionally you can add a label to be displayed when mouse enters the object.
Label to Display: Text to show when mouse enter.
Label Mode: Choose to show label when mouse enters or show label when glow is on. Label Color: Text color.
Outlined: Set ON if you wish the text to have an outline.
Outline Color: Text outline color.
Text font: Use desired font.
Font Size: Text size of the label.

Full C# Source Code included.

NOTE: VR Cardboard demo scene is designed for Unity 5.3 and above.
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