Behavior Designer - Movement Pack v1.5.5

Behavior Designer - Movement Pack

Behavior Designer - Movement Pack contains 17 different behaviour tree tasks focused on both 2D and 3D movement.

In addition to covering all of the AI steering behaviors, some tasks provide unique functionality such as finding cover or hearing if an object is within range.

Three tasks - flock, leader follow, and queue - provide an excellent example of controlling multiple AI agents with just a single behavior tree.

The Movement Pack is integrated with the Third Person Controller allowing for movement with mecanim's root motion.

Tasks support the following:
- Unity's Navigation Mesh
- A* Pathfinding Project
- Apex Path
- Poly|Nav

Each task is well commented and written in a generic and clean way making it very easy to integrate into your own project. This pack will continue to grow as we hear new task suggestions from the community.

The following tasks are included:
- Move Towards
- Rotate Towards
- Seek
- Flee
- Pursue
- Evade
- Follow
- Patrol
- Cover
- Wander
- Search
- Within Distance
- Can See Object
- Can Hear Object
- Flock
- Leader Follow
- Queue

Asset version: 1.5.5
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