Lighting Box 2 + HD Render Pipeline Integration v2.4.2

Lighting Box 2 + HD Render Pipeline Integration v2.4.2

This is a real time saver solution to get AAA looking lighting in a few seconds or minutes even without any lighting experience

Turn your Unity's Lighting Workflow very similar to Unreal Engine's workflow and only focus on your scene design instead of the wasting your time on finding a proper lighting settings for all light parameters !!!

Works well with HD render pipeline with post processing stack 2 support

Lighting Box 2 has been re designed to help you get the desired result in the shortest possible time

With a lot of Sample projects, shaders and video tutorials in latest update 2.6 version

New "Interior Sample Project" for Lighting Box 2.5+ with new tutorials series to bake in fastest possible time using unity's Progressive Lightmapper (few hours => few minutes

New Stochastic Screen Space Reflection integration
New shaft shaft effect integration with proper settings for all platforms
New Depth of Field and Screen Space
Reflection options will help you to get maximum quality and performance in few seconds.

+ Included high quality sample project and scenes

High quality tessellated terrain shader with maximum performance + Amplify Shader Editor source. + easy to use Terrain controller component

Supports for Interior and Outdoor scenes

Drag and drop in game Settings Menu to get access to Quality,Display and Effects settings.

Fully support of the Post Processing Stack 2, True Volumetric Light and Global fog assets and effects both for forward and deferred rendering

Easy to use Depth Of field for everyone with Auto focus Feature.

+ A lot of the videos

Features :
- A real time saver solution
- Save and Load settings to/from lighting profiles
- Drag and drop settings menu
- Post Processing Stack 2 support
- Based on the best post effect settings
- Tessellated terrain shader
- POM and Tessellation shaders
- Distance based particle shader (Like Frostbite game engine)
- High quality sun lens flare with maximum performance + Tutorials to make a new one based on the other games
- Night and Snow sample scenes
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    1. Hello! I've been using this site for a few days and decided to buy premium on the hitfile website, I really appreciate you for letting us single developers develop games with triple A assets! I', not quite sure how this works, but if you guys are able to extract any unity package i was wondering if you guys could possibly upload this one to the website

      thank you in advance! Love the website :)
      1. Hello!
        Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps in the future, this Asset will be added to the site. Keep for updates. Come in more often, bring your friends!