Easy Movie Texture (Video Texture) v3.72

Easy Movie Texture (Video Texture)

Easy Movie Texture

Including source code (Android , iOS)
Android source path : EasyMovieTexture/AndroidSource folder
iOS( with tvOS) source path: Plugins/iOS folder

This Demo

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, AppleTV(tvOS)

Supported platforms(Editor Mode Installation): PC (windows, Mac 64bit)

Supported format :
Android : Link
iOS : Link

Supported resolutions:
Android: General devices support up to 1920 * 1080.
The latest device supports up to 4k.
iOS: General devices support up to 1920 * 1080.
The latest device is support up to 2560 * 1440.
iPhone 6s Plus supports up to 4k.

It also supports StreamingAssets, external storage, and streaming services.

Android streaming support list: http, HLS (http live streaming),rtsp

iOS streaming support list: http,HLS (http live streaming)

EasyMovieTexture requires Android 4.0 or above.
EasyMovieTexture requires iOS 6.0 or Above.

Unity 4.X requires an iOS Pro.
In Unity 5.X it does not require a Pro.

Supports multithreaded rendering options. (Only supports Unity 5.X.)

Email :

Update ( Ver. 3.68)

1.PC-side rendering speed improvement (HLS streaming rendering speed improvement)
2. Modify buffer size(PC)

Update ( Ver. 3.67)

1.Fixed sound buffering issue
2. Modify buffer size(PC)

Update ( Ver. 3.66)

1. Improve streaming service performance on PC
2. GetCurrentSeekPercent function modified to work on iOS and PC

Update ( Ver. 3.65)

1. Fixed sound bug on PC

Update ( Ver. 3.64)

1. Metal graphics support in OSX
2. Fixed the problem that video play speeds up in certain formats.
3. Fixed an issue where sound does not play properly in certain formats.

Update ( Ver. 3.63)

1. Fixed the problem that material is generated infinitely in recent update (PC problem)

Update ( Ver. 3.62)

1. Fixed an issue where Android does not work when enabling multithreading rendering option in Unity 2017.

Update ( Ver. 3.60)

1. Fixed a problem that the YUV shader was disconnected
2. Fixed an issue where the error message did not work properly for the Android streaming service.
3. Fixed some sound decoding problems on PC.

Update ( Ver. 3.59)

1. Fixed an abnormal behavior when iOS is in Applicationpause state.
2. Fixed a side issue with BPC_FaseMode.

Update ( Ver. 3.58)

1. Add BPC_FastMode (Experimental) : Improves performance in PC or Editor. (Note: the shader will automatically change to Unlit / Unlit_YUV.)
2. Fixed a problem where sound does not play in some video formats (on PC)

Update ( Ver. 3.57)

1. When video is not played on iOS,Fixed a problem when calling the Pause () function
2. Fixed CSProjectFilePostProcessor.cs error

Update ( Ver. 3.56)

1. Fixed a problem Pause () function does not work when plugging in headset.(IOS)
2. Modifying Cubemap Modeling Data
3. Modifying Unity 5.6 Support

Update ( Ver. 3.55)

1. Fix conflict in editor

Update ( Ver. 3.54)

1. Add Cube_Map scene
2. Editor mode Simultaneous play limit fixed to 50
3. Fixed blinking issue when building on PC
4. Fixed OnVideoFirstFrameReady issue

Update ( Ver. 3.53)

1. Add Demo_Event Scene
2. Modify some details manual
3. In iOS, fix the problem SeekTo.

Asset version: 3.72
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