UNET 'Server + MySQL and Clients' v2.0.1

UNET 'Server + MySQL and Clients' v2.0.1

This Server and Client use UNET HLAPI network message.
Creates a single UNET server to connect multiple players. Server is using MySQL.

Server support WebGL clients.
Support RSA cryptography SHA digital signature for the security data yours clients.

You need only install MySQL, all other work you can easily doing on the server.

- Check the login and password.
- Verification of the use account
- Sending character data on the client.
- Can create new free game room and with password.
- Can set maximum players in room.
- Tracking the movement of the character, as well as data validation.
- Recovery password to e-mail
- Three enemies type
- Respawn
- Top list (top list updated every 30 second. And player data update if player has left game)
- Rang system
- Physical items, sync with clients
- Support server batchmode
- Configure server in batchmode

- Registration
- Character created
- Can see list all created rooms.
- Can connect to created room and create new.
- The character selection screen and displays the character's statistics
- The movement of the character according to the server
- Chat
- Enemies model
- Weapon
- Animate control system
- Mobile control
- Health & ammo bar
- Four type weapons
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