Inventory Pro v2.5.15

Inventory Pro

Inventory Pro is a highly flexible and easy to use inventory, that can be used for all game types.

Looking for a great Sci-Fi theme? Take a look at the Sci-Fi design for Inventory Pro

Inventory Pro 2.4 projects are NOT fully compatible with 2.5+

Combine the power of Inventory Pro and Quest System Pro

Works with Unity personal (free), and pro.
Full source code included.
All future updates and upgrades will be free.

Multiple inventories
Advanced currency system
Controller support
Full mobile support
Extremely optimized

Quest System Pro
PlayMaker support
The Dialogue system support
UFPS support + (beta multiplayer support)
EasySave2 support
plyGame support
Behavior Designer support
Third person controller support (by opsive)

2.5.13 (current)
released Oct 25, 2018
The release notes can be found at

Asset version: 2.5.15
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