Audio Visualizer v2.4

Audio Visualizer

The Audio Visualizer tool is an easy to use, one stop shop for beat detection and audio visualization.

- Use multiple audio sources at once.
- Pre-record tracks for optimized performance
- Use live microphone input.
- Detect beats before they happen.
- Create games like Rockband or AudioSurf.
- Completely Customizable.
- Easy to use.
- Mobile Friendly
- Well documented.
- Tutorials provided.
- 17 example scenes.
- Online support.
- 6 Free soundtracks.

Audio Beat Detection:
- Automatically detect beats.
- Or fine tune detection parameters by hand.
- Detect beats in Bass, Middle, or High ranges.

Create Visual Effects:
- Line Renderer waveforms.
- Pad waveforms.
- Circular waveforms.
- Spherical waveforms.
- Object position, rotation, and scale waveforms.
- Your own custom audio effects.

Use the beat to:
- Call any custom event of your own!
- Move objects back and forth.
- Scale/shrink objects.
- Fade between two materials.
- Fade between two colors.
- Change the color or intensity of lights.
- Show audio waveforms.
- Use Unity’s new UI system to display waveforms on panels.

Asset version: 2.4
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