Final IK v1.8

Final IK v1.8

The final Inverse Kinematics solution for the game developer.

Update (1.8):
Version 1.8 brings many fixes and improvements to Final IK:

- Added the first multithreaded AnimationJob versions of Final IK solvers: CCDIKJ and AimIKJ.:
- Added LookAtController.
- Added leg stretching to VRIK.
- Added ArmIK.
- Added support for legless characters to VRIK.
- Improvements to the VRIK Calibrator.
- VRIK tested on the new Oculus Quest hardware.
- Added a Questions & Answers page for Final IK and PuppetMaster.

Please see the Release Notes for the full list of update details.
Final-IK 1.8 is fully compatible with PuppetMaster 0.8 and Unity 5/2017/2018/2019(beta) versions.

Update (1.7):
FIK 1.7 brings many fixes and improvements to VRIK - automatic arm stretching, improved spine bending, calibration tool for up to 6 tracked targets. AimIK receives a helpful AimController component for smooth target switching, weight blending, target interpolation and root rotation. Final-IK 1.7 is fully compatible with PuppetMaster 0.7 and Unity 2017.x versions. See the Release Notes for full details.
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