Tactical Shooter AI v1.7.1

Tactical Shooter AI v1.7.1

Add dynamic and challenging AI to your game! Create AI agents capable of coordinating tactics, taking cover, and engaging foes with a variety of devastating weapons!

Feature List:

-Full cover system which supports cover that is both pre-marked and found automatically at run-time. Enemies flank, fall back, and advance to maintain an optimal tactical position.

-Battlefield interaction! For example, an agent may blow up an explosive barrel when enemies are nearby or knock over a table to create cover!

-Advanced tactics! Agents can coordinate flanking and suppressing fire in order to attack a position. Strategies can also fall apart if the commanding agent is defeated.

-Customize agents to develop radically different units. Create tactical special forces, shotgun wielding berserkers, and careful snipers.

-Multiple movement animations! Agents can leap to the side to dodge an attack, leap over a gap to get to a destination, or vault a short wall in order to take cover behind it.

-Easily integrates with UFPS. Also includes integration instructions for RFPS.

-Robust damage system! Agents can take different amounts of damage if hit in different body parts, and can be staggered by strong enough attacks!

-Grenades! Enemies can lob grenades to flush enemies out of cover.

-Agents can fight on multiple teams, with or against a player.

-Agents can focus on priority targets!

-Combines pre-made animations with procedural aiming.

-Agents can use melee attacks at close range!

-Rapid set-up with included editor tools.

- Includes full, commented, C# source code.

- In-depth 33-page manual.

- And so much more!

*Works with UFPS 1.5.1 and above, and RFPS 1.23
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