Low poly water SRP v1.2

Low poly water SRP

Low poly water SRP - Unity asset

Benefits and Features
- Low polygon style.
- Highly customizable.
- Vertex displacement wave.
- Support underwater effects.
- Most calculations run on the GPU.
- Two lighting styles (pixel and vertice).
- Compatible with Lightweight RP and PostProcessing v2.

This is a highly customizable water shader system.
Supports water surface and under water effects, and under water effects can be seamlessly switched.
Only runtime light sources are supported. The number of point light depend the Lightweight RP settings.
All screenshots are from the demo program, recommend to download the demo, as all the latest features will be in it.
All features look here Supported mode.

Runtime environment
-Only support perspective camera
-Only support Lightweight RP.Forward rendering path.
-Script running version is .Net4.0.
-Most features are too expensive for mobile devices, so not recommend for mobile devices.
-The Graphics API needs to be higher than or equal to DX11 or OpenGL 4.1, support Tessellation shaders and Geometry shader.
-Not supported Metal.

Package content
Resources include source code, water shader, and all the content of the demo scene (3D model, buoyancy example).
The underwater effects depends on the specified shader method. Common shaders, include terrain, have been implemented in the project.
The content of this project will continue to improve/add.

Asset version: 1.2
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