Ultimate Billboard - Multipurpose Billboard & Fog Sprite Shader v1.0

Ultimate Billboard - Multipurpose Billboard & Fog Sprite Shader

Ultimate Billboard - Multipurpose Billboard & Fog Sprite Shader - Unity asset

The only sprite shader you'll ever need! Billboard any sprite cylindrically or spherically WITHOUT messing up your transforms (scale/position preserved correctly). Add fog to any sprite WITHOUT messing up the color or transparency. UB is built on top of the default Unity sprite shader, so it's easy to use and familiar. No confusing, cryptic settings on the material - everything is super straight forward. No odd side-effects that you might normally get from random shader code on the web.

Create entrancing billboarded environments, and move concept art into your scene faster than ever. Create more realistic billboard-based LOD systems with the use of built-in Unity fog. UB is great for end-products as well as super-rapid prototyping!

The Shader:

Set up a material and give it the Sprites/UltimateBillboard shader. From here you have all your average sprite settings with three checkboxes added:

- Fog
- Cylindrical Billboarding
- Spherical Billboarding

Just check what you need and everything works as expected!

What's Included:

The Ultimate Billboard shader

Includes 5 materials built off of the versatile UB shader:

- Spherical Billboard
- Cylindrical Billboard
- Fog Only
- Spherical Billboard + Fog
- Cylindrical Billboard + Fog

Just drop these on any of your sprites and enjoy!

Also Includes a pretty sweet bonus scene for inspiration - have a blast!

Asset version: 1.0
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