Vertical Fog v3.0

Vertical Fog

Vertical Fog - download Unity asset

Polyquest Vertical Fog main features:

• part of the POLYQUEST series
• creates a vertical height fog effect
• simple, interactive and very versatile
• can achieve all sorts of different looks
• very low impact on performance
• works great even on low end devices
• full control over the gradient color & falloff
• could be applied from bottom to top
• could be applied from top to bottom
• works with the unity default scene fog
• Includes a sample terrain geometry
• can mimic sub surface scattering
• can mimic translucency
• can mimic wax, gel, water depth, plastics
• can mimic fog, mist, abyss, glowing light
• can mimic different types of effects
• this individual pack can be seamlessly
complemented with other POLYQUEST

Asset version: 3.0
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