Wireframe Shader DirectX 11 v1.0

Wireframe Shader DirectX 11

Regular wireframe shaders are not very appealing to the eye. Meet Wireframe Shader DirectX 11! This package provides easy to use wireframe shaders with high flexibility.

PBR - Physically based wireframe rendering enables you to adjust emissive, metallic and smoothness properties independently of the surface.

Glow - Add a bleeding/glowing/shadow effect radiating from the wires.

Barycentric Texturing - Design your custom wire with a [width]-by-1 texture where the alpha channel is used to blend with the surface.

More Features:
• Quad mesh models
• Anti-aliasing
• Fade in/out the wireframe
• Mask parts of the wireframe
• Invert the wireframe
• Wire corner smoothing
• All standard rendering modes
• Additive & multiplicative rendering modes

This package includes:
• Wireframe shaders:
- Standard
- Bumped Diffuse
- Unlit
- Projector
• Demo scene
• Source code
• Documentation

☑ Shader Model 4+
☑ Projectors
☑ Quad Meshes
☑ DX11+, Vulkan, PS4/XB1
☑ OpenGL 3.2+, OpenGL ES 3.1+AEP

Does not support DX9, WinPhone, OpenGL ES 2.0-3.1 and Metal

Asset version: 1.0
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