Wireframe provides you with tools for simple, high quality antialiased wireframe rendering. Give your game a unique aesthetic look!

This package contains several shaders and example materials. If needed, you can easily tweak them to achieve desired wireframe look (for example, change blending algorithm, culling etc.)

- Based on DX11 geometry shader. Requres DX11 mode in Unity, can run on DX10-compatible video cards.
- Six example materials, including single side, two-sided, solid (wireframe + fill color).
- Line width not limited to 1px and can be changed.
- Lines are calculated in window space and don't depend on object's distance from the camera. So, the farther the object is from the camera, the denser its wireframe. This behavior is the same as for classic wireframe (used, for example, in Unity editor).
- Antialiased lines.
- Deferred and forward rendering supported.
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