Double Sided Standard Mobile Legacy Shaders v3.5

Double Sided Standard Mobile Legacy Shaders

Double sided standard and standard (Specular Setup) type of shaders with accurate lighting and single pass. Same flexibility as Unity Standard and Standard ( Specular Setup) shaders.

DS Shaders also in package:
mobile diffuse,
mobile bumped,
mobile bumped specular,
mobile bumped specular 1 directional light,
legacy decal,
legacy diffuse,
legacy bumped specular,
legacy parallax diffuse,
legacy parallax specular,
legacy cutout diffuse,
legacy cutout bumped specular,

also two face texture shaders that draws two textures, one on each face

two face diffuse
two face bumped
two face specular
two face specular cutoff ( different cutoff patern on each side )

additional & requested:

mobile bumped with tilable both texture and normalmap,
mobile bumped specular with tilable both texture and normalmap,
sprite standard shader which takes flipping into account.
standard with 2 passes to help with transparency issues,
standard with zwrite opaque depth pass to help with transparency issues

22 shaders - all in single pass except 2 last ones

Asset version: 3.5
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