Shader-Independent Glow v1.0b

Shader-Independent Glow

Shader-independent glow provides a simple way to add per-object glow(bloom) to your project without using third-party shaders.

This comes in handy when you already use shaders with additional functionality and you need to add glow on top of that.

- Glow maps support.
- Several options for fine-tuning glow look.
- Per-object and per-material glow options.
- Optional negative(substractive) glow
- Works on forward and deferred rendering pipelines, perspective and orthogonal cameras, gamma and linear colorspaces.
- VR support (deferred rendering only)
- Completely shader-independent (glow is enabled by separate components, without touching your materials).

Please read manual chapter on layer optimization to avoid unnecessary performance drops.

Asset version: 1.0b
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