Filter&Transparent Kit Pro v1.4

Filter&Transparent Kit Pro

Filter&Transparent Kit Pro - download Unity asset

Universaly pack
Supported platform:
- WebPlayer
- WebGL
- Windows
- Mac
- Android

Full supportes using for:
- Post Effect
- UI materials
- Mesh Materials

This package includes a set of shaders with very wide variability. All effects can be applied to post-effects, graphic interface elements and 3D objects. In all cases, the rendered texture taken before drawing a particular object or the camera image is taken as the basis.
Among the presented effects are a lot of different variants of Blur, Bloom and Glow. In addition, you can adjust the gamma, the contrast of the image, get a negative, make a linear color correction, highlight the transition between the tones, apply chromatic noise, imitate the drawing with a pencil or chalk and much, much more. A set of 3D shaders also allows you to make a simple simulation of glass, both transparent and matte.

Asset version: 1.4
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