Marvelous Techniques v1.3.1

Marvelous Techniques

Marvelous Techniques is a asset package which includes tools to make powerful games with very popular flat atmospheric graphics style used in many top selling games recently.
The package suits for all people with every skill level.
Prototyping of different game styles is fast thanks to easy to use shaders and tools.
This asset package is unique and you can't find anything similar from the Asset Store. When purchased you don't only get the package you get premium support so all your problems will get quickly solved.

The package includes:

- Very powerful Custom lighting shader with custom shader UI. Mobile optimized (tested with iPad 4th gen)

Shader includes these features:

- Gradient lighting (Global, Local)
- Lightmap support
- Transparency support
- Realtime shadows support
- Height fog, Distance fog
- Light Probes support
- Specular light
- Distance lighting
- Full/Simple modes
- Ambient lighting
- Directional light mode
- Layout texture support

- Other shaders including the ocean shader, height fog shader, water pool shader, linear gradient, camera overlay, vignette...
Bloom and Screen Texture Blend image effects.
All shaders are CG vertex/fragment shaders.

- Powerful scripts including very useful Mesh Combine script which will make your scene to look even more prettier :)

- Many example scenes from where you can learn how beautiful scenes are built. New scenes will be added regularly.

- Comprehensive documentation which explains details of every shader and script. Documentation also discuss about the preferred work flow of building a game scene.

Asset version: 1.3.1
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