Metal Specified Shader Smart, Standard Edition v1.00

Metal Specified Shader Smart, Standard Edition

This package contains a set of 12 shaders for PBR based shaders made specifically for rusty and polished metal materials. 6 shaders with ambient occlusion and upgraded features are designed for PC/Console, and 6 are designed for mobile game and application development.

Far field differentiation has been introduced to Base shaders, where the color and roughness fall off into static and uniform values, respectively; meantime, users can adjust the decay and vanish distance, where all far field differentiation functionality transfers between states seamlessly. In addition, Secondary normal is introduced to this version, where, a secondary normal bias, and its secondary to primary ratio is adjustable as well.

High customizable adjustments are introduced as well, including: contrast, brightness, gray-level strength, maximum/minimum channel values (for linear interpolation 1.0 and 0.0), and normal bias. Users can modify most of the texture input properties in real time.

Varies input functionalities are introduced to each shader for optimizations of the rendering power, and enhancements for the graphic quality.


Albedo: Color Bias | Contrast | Brightness

Far Field Differentiation: Far Field Color Bias | Uniform Roughness at Far Field | Decay/Vanish Distance | Fall-off rate

Metallic: Contrast | White/Black Channel Strength | Threshold | Strength | Shift

Roughness: Contrast | White/Black Channel Strength | Strength

Normal: Strength | Bias

Secondary Normal: Strength | Bias | Secondary to Primary Ratio

Ambient Occlusion: Contrast | Base Value

Texture Coordinates: Rotation | UV Tiling | UV Offset

Metallic generated from the Roughness is introduced to some shaders

Roughness generated from the Metallic is introduced to some shaders

Uniform metallic adjustment is introduced to some shaders

Uniform roughness adjustment is introduced to some shaders

Tech Details and Specifications

Numbers of Shaders: 12

Numbers of Sample Materials: 6

Numbers of Sample Textures: 7

Numbers of Demo Scenes: 4

Numbers of Demo Assets: 1 (background material)

Number of Display Cameras: 20

Far Field Differentiation | Secondary Normal

PBR Based Rendering

SM 3.0 | Full Forward Shadows | Standard Specular

Supported Platforms: PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android

Render Type: Opaque

Asset version: 1.00
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