Screen Space Fluids Pro v0.3

Screen Space Fluids Pro

Screen Space Fluids Pro (SSF Pro) is a set of high-quality shaders for rendering the surface of particle-based fluids with real-time performance and configurable speed/quality.

SSF Pro contains all the shaders from SSF + their high quality (HQ) versions supporting fluid transparency and refractions . See the screenshots for comparison.

The SSF method is not based on polygonization and as such circumvents the usual grid artifacts of marching cubes. The shaders smooths the surface to prevent the fluid from looking "blobby" or jelly-like. It only renders the surface where it is visible, and has inherent view-dependent level-of-detail. All the processing, rendering and shading steps are directly implemented on graphics hardware.

SSF Pro provides only fluid visualization that can be used, for example, with Unity's Particle System. However, SSF Pro works best with third-party fluid simulation library such as uFlex.

SSF Pro requires GPU with ComputeShaders support (e.g. DX11).

SSF Pro is under development. Any bug reports and feature requests are more than welcome.

Future work:
-Translucency with volumetric absorption (Beer's Law)
-Improved lighting support
-Surface noise

Asset version: 0.3
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