Zones, Fields, and Shields

Zones, Fields, and Shields

Enhance your game with a professional and affordable solution for force fields, capture zones, damage telegraphs, trigger volumes, FX, and much more. Utilize a variety of textures and meshes included in this package and Unity, or create your own for the perfect look for your game!

This asset package contains shaders for both Unity & Unity Pro users. Dynamic edge detection relies on depth render textures which is a PRO ONLY feature. Before you buy this asset for that feature, make sure you know how to implement it on your scene camera for your render type.

Features :
NEW - Alternate Shaders that work with fog. (Unity 5+ only)
NEW - Alternate Shaders with X&Y Panning
NEW - Line Only PRO Shader
- Two Shaders for Unity
- Two Shaders for Unity Pro
- 20 Textures
- Two Demo Levels (One for each version)
- 22 Example Materials
- 22 Example Prefabs
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