Distortion Shader Pack v1.2

Distortion Shader Pack

- Works for PC
- Works for consoles
- Works for mobile
- Works for VR (no singlepass)

This distortion shader package enables you to add scene distortion by drag and drop the prefab into your scene. Included are simple image distortion and advanced render texture distortion shader.

Can easily be used for heat or ice distortion. Even useable on particles because of optimized rendering.

Sprite features:
- simple distortion
- transparent image frame
- full sprite coloring

Render texture features:
- positive and negative RT distortion
- seamless frame or 'ghost' overlay
- simple coloring distortion area
- Normal map distortion
- NM frameless
- NM movement X and Y (Heat)

Asset version: 1.2
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      can you add v1.3