Crosshair Assembler v1.1.0

Crosshair Assembler

Anyone can make complex high-quality crosshairs by using Crosshair Assembler. Making crosshairs with Crosshair Assembler does not require drawing, but just adding some building blocks and change their properties. If you can put building blocks and change sliders, then you can get beautiful and precise crosshair results.

Key Features
• Assembly-based WYSIWYG design (simple, fast, easy, and scalable)
• Resolution-free vector-based building blocks (circle, arc, regular polygon, line, rectangle, etc.)
• Vector-based perfect anti-aliasing (almost no cost and adjustable anti-aliasing amount )
• Intuitive predefined building blocks
• Unlimited layering (i.e., unlimited variation and complexity)
• Dynamic recoil response of crosshairs
• Perfect automatic handling of resolution change
• 300+ samples
• Support custom predefined building blocks
• Support script addition for custom actions
• Support extension of building blocks by scripts
• Support customized actions (or animations) of layers

Asset version: 1.1.0
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