Azure[Sky] Lite v1.2.0

Azure[Sky] Lite

Azure[Sky] Lite is a physically based sky system that will raise your project to another level, it was developed to be simple, fast and easy to use while keeping all the control in your hands. The system is easy to integrate into your project and its clean and organized interface makes learning very fast. Basically what you need to do is drag a prefab to your scene and give it your artistic touch.

ith Azure[Sky] Lite you will be able to:
- Create dynamic day/night cycles.
- Set the best possible setting at any time of the day with the powerful Curve System.
- Dynamically control all the lighting and the ambient colors of your scene.
- Choose a duration for the day/night cycle or set a different duration for the day and for the night.
- Dynamically control elements of your game based on Azure's timeline with the useful Output System.
- Give depth, realism and AAA quality to your game with the amazing Fog Scattering effect.
- All this and much more!

- Physically based sky shading.
- Sunlight scattering.
- Realistic fog scattering.
- Fog works with transparency. (Custom shaders will need to be modified).
- Realistic 2D static clouds with rotation speed.
- Curve System.
- Output System.
- Dynamic day and night cycles.
- Supports forward and deferred rendering.
- Supports linear and gamma space color.
- All C# source code, does not use DLL.
- High Performance.
- Etc...

Asset version: 1.2.0
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