Hyper Card v1.5.1

Hyper Card

HyperCard is the ultimate solution for making amazing animated playing cards.
Perfect for any card game, it includes several shaders along with a handy editor which allow unlimited customization possibilities.

HyperCard gives the freedom to create awesome stuff without too much effort !

WebGL demo

Features :
- Procedural and customisable outline.
- Animate your artworks and backgrounds.
- Support custom dimensions.
- Supports canvas.
- Supports distortion effects.
- Supports sprite sheets.
- Supports cubemaps.
- Supports unlimited custom sprites.
- Supports unlimited custom texts.
- Supports appear / periodic effects.
- Glitter effect.
- Holographic effect.
- Dissolve effect.
- Black and white filter.
- Full source code.
- Card design & artworks included.
- Demo scenes with examples included.

Asset version: 1.5.1
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