Imperial Fur - PBR v2.0

Imperial Fur - PBR v2.0

Unleash the power of Unity 5 with these PBR fur shaders! New AlphaTest shaders allow fur to receive shadows and write to the depth buffer when using the deferred rendering path. You can choose to work with metal-gloss or specular-roughness workflows, use a simple Blinn surface shader, or for increased performance go even simpler with the included super simple (but still powerful) vertex fragment shaders.

Imperial Fur give the option to use an additional material for the skin, which makes texturing mixed fur/skin models easier as well as creating a more believable visual style as the skin will show through any gaps in the fur.

The separate noise map allows you to define the distribution and density of your fur. Four noise maps are provided in the package.

The control map allows you to control the height, stiffness and bias of the fur. The bias channel of the map will shrink the model in before expanding it out for the fur. This is perfect for models that have the fur included and would otherwise look fat when additional layers are added.

The included LOD script will lower the shell count of objects further away from the camera to improve performance. The LOD can go has high as 40 shells and as low as 1.

The simple shaders feature the option to add a reflection cubemap so your fur can match the rest of your scene.

Optional rim lighting lets you choose between a user defined light color for a bolder look, as well as a natural or ambient color in the scene for a more subtle look.

With the included script, your fur will react to in game physics. You can choose to have it get its data from the rigidbody attached to your GameObject, or have it calculate the velocity changes itself so objects without rigidbodies can also feature moving fur.
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