Hx Volumetric Lighting v1.3.6

Hx Volumetric Lighting

Hx Volumetric Lighting is the easiest way to get high quality volumetric lighting in your Unity scene, adding depth and realism with rays of light and fog of variable density. It's easy to use and runs efficiently.


• Supports Shadow casting lights
• Supports multiple lights - any number and combination of point lights, spot lights, and directional lights.
• It's dynamic - you can move lights around in real-time.
• Vary the air density with particle emitters or 3D noise.
• Use height fog to get a low hanging fog look.
• Mie scattering for more realistic results
• Supports transparency.
• Supports light cookies.
• Supports low resolution rendering with advanced up-sampling and temporal sampling, allowing faster framerates.
• Easy to use. Just drop a few scripts on your camera and lights.

• Forward/deferred render Path.
• Directx 9/OpenGL3 and above.
• VR Supported with single pass stereo Enabled (Unity 5.4.1+)
• Shader Model 3 and above.
• Desktop and console support.(mobile is not supported)
• Custom transparency shaders will need to be modified

Asset version: 1.3.6
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