CTAA Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing PC & VR v1.5

CTAA Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing PC & VR

Introducing CTAA ' Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing ' Temporal SuperSampling for Unity 2017 and above for PC and VR (Unity 2018 READY!)

The premier next generation VR READY cutting-edge temporal anti-aliasing solution

Works with FORWARD & DEFERRED Render paths including WebGL 2.0

Today Unity Changes! With a single click, CTAA enables all Unity users to achieve next generation off-line Cinematic Render Quality results in Real-Time! Reduce and eliminate Aliasing from Specular highlights and bright pixels especially when using post effects such as Bloom or Depth of Field including Aliasing on alpha tested edges. Being a temporal (Time based) process, new pixel data is gathered from past and extrapolated future frames for final re-construction based on velocity information. Performance is approximately equivalent to standard FXAA.

CTAA provides true next-gen Cinematic Quality temporally anti-aliased results which maintain and preserve clarity while in motion.

Achieve the Highest Quality now for all your PC & VR projects with our Highest Performant Temporal Anti-Aliasing solution to date on any engine period..

CTAA provides unmatched 'Temporally SuperSampled' quality results impossible for other ' spatial only ' solutions such as MSAA, FXAA, SMAA including all other 'Temporal ' methods.

No more Specular SHIMMER or ALIASING, No more PBS induced high-frequency FLICKERING, No more HDR Bloom FLICKER, No more ROGUE/STRAY Pixel SHIMMER. Only a ROCK STEADY Film Quality sharp Anti-Aliased image at blazing performance rates.

MSAA can also be used together with CTAA! providing unmatched true off-line quality results. This is a great option for all VR projects due to a significant increase in quality at little performance cost. 2xMSAA is sufficient to providing AA equivalent to 8xMSAA quality together with all the advantages provided with a temporal solution.

CTAA is compatible with and can be used at the same time with the Unity Post Processing stack V1 and V2

CTAA works with PC and VR devices such as the Oculus Rift & HTC VIVE

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