UNOShader UNLIT v1.61

UNOShader UNLIT v1.61

Tired of selecting shaders from a pull down menu? Why not just toggle what you want.

This is a material editor extension that creates and toggles between shaders on the fly.

It uses Shader Model 2.0 as a base, so it is faster then a surface shader and great for Mobile!!

Property toggler:
Color / Diffuse / Decal / Decal tint
Reflection / Rim / Emission / Outline
Xray / Texture Masks

Lighting / Shadows
- Toggle Ambient / Directional light Process
- Toggle Shadow Process
- Custom shadow color

BRDF Texture lookup
- Use a texture ramp to control light fall off and Rim effect

- HDR support / Metallic Support
- Respects probe reflections (note. Does not blend when transitioning from one to another)

- Fresnel support
- Emission(Intensity)

- Independent baking intensity vs viewport display intensity

- Works on 2d Camera
- Control X/Y width of outline
- Use texture to color outline

- See silhouette behind objects
- Control color/transparency

- Use unity's lightmap or provide your own on UV1 or UV2

- Vertex Colors support
- Opacity sliders for almost every property
- Transparency slider and Edge opacity (new)
- Built in UV scroller so you don't have to keep attaching scripts to your objects
- Built in render queue sorting order for transparent objects
- There is no need to offset stacked geometry. Blend as many textured geometry layers as you want.
And many others not listed...
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