UBER - Standard Shader Ultra v1.2g

UBER - Standard Shader Ultra v1.2g

Standard Shader on steroids ?
That's what UBER is all аbout:

Most prominent features are:

- Various Parallax techniques (full Z-Write!)
- Tessellation variants
- Refraction with chromatic aberration
- Translucency (based on DICE's model)
- Dynamic weather (snow/rain)
- Triplanar selective (fast approach)
- Vertex blend painting (2 layers mode)
- Well sorted out and clean interface
- Fully configurable vertex color usage
- Presets functionality

- Works with Alloy lighting (deferred)

Package requires SM3.0 GPU (DX9).
SM5.0 (DX11, OGL4) for tessellation and better performance is preferred.
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    1. can you get this assets pleas
      1. Hello!
        May be later, keep for updates
    2. Oh man ,i can´t downloaded ,when i tried says "pases the limit of free download."
      Can you uploaded in another place?.
      • awa
      • : 21:02
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      Can you update this to 1.2h ? please :/