Stylized Water Shader v2.0.2

Stylized Water Shader

Compatible up to Unity 2017.3. 2018.1 support will be added in the following update.

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NEW! Faster GPU-based texture generation

A shader inspired by Zelda: The Windwaker, customizable to your liking through various parameters. Texture maps are automatically packed, making this package customizable and lightweight.

Also includes two simplified shaders, for low-end devices.

• Custom inspector, for ease of use
• Intersection effect with other objects
• Realtime planar reflections (Desktop only)
• 7 types of normal/refraction maps
• 7 built-in intersection textures
• 4 built-in wave heightmaps
• Ability to add custom textures for waves and intersection
• Depth color
• Refraction
• Wave animation
• World-space or UV-based tiling

• Demo scene
• Desktop shader
• Advanced mobile shader
• Basic mobile shader

As seen in:
• The Trail
• Shotgun Farmers
• Re:Legend
Note: Does not support orthographic cameras, VR/AR or Lab Renderer

Asset version: 2.0.2
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