PRISM - Realistic Post-Processing v2.4

PRISM - Realistic Post-Processing

PRISM 2.0 has arrived! With new HQ Sharpen, Color Enhance, Layered Flares, and 14 more realistic, high-performance effects, the next generation of Post-Processing for Unity is here.

New in 2.1: PRISM-Volumes! Post-Process volumes make it easy to set effects in different areas of your scene.

PRISM is an all-in-one post-processing solution for Unity, designed to incorporate multiple highly optimized post-processing effects into one "Uber-Shader" to reduce expensive blit passes and greatly increase performance.

PRISM Includes the following effects:
Natural Bloom
-Supports no threshold, multi-layered HDR bloom, or adjustable threshold bloom
-Temporal stability (anti-flicker)
Layered Flares
-Highly customisable lens flares, fully integrated into the Bloom pipeline
Color Enhance
-A smart saturation algorithm that makes colours 'pop'
HQ Sharpen
-Easy to use luma sharpening algorithm with no artifacts
-Curve-based brightness algorithm
Ambient Obscurance
-Scalable, high performance AO - works perfectly in open world scenes!
Smooth Fog
-Multi-color distance based fog, with full pipeline integration, light (bloom) shines through fog!
Lens Dirt
-Brightness-based, BF4-style lens dirt
-State of the art 'RomB' tonemapping operator as default, with ACES and standard Filmic Tonemapping alternatives
-Fully tweakable values on all tonemapping operators
Depth of Field with Bokeh
-Bokeh temporal stability (anti-flicker)
-Easily customizable focus lengths, bokeh intensities, and blur amounts
Eye Adaptation
-High performance, variable exposure speed
-Automatically applied to all effects in the pipeline
Chromatic Aberration
-Vignette shape and vertical edge shape supported
-Adjustable intensity for easy effect creation
Filmic Noise/Dither
-Procedural GPU noise
-Not supported on mobile
UI Blur
-Shared-pass UI Blur effect, effectively free when combined

All effects are HDR & LDR compatible. PRISM is fully compatible with, & tested on all major platforms: XBox One, PS4, WiiU, PC, Mac, Mobile (SM3.0), WebGL (SM2.0, limited subset of effects)

PRISM also features an artist-friendly workflow with PRISM Presets. A PRISM Preset is a scriptable object file that stores every value in your PRISM inspector and can be loaded at runtime with a simple API call, or swapped in-editor.

PRISM offers a feature-packed, easy-to-use inspector GUI that anyone can understand. You don't have to know what an F-Stop, ISO Number, or Aperture Length is to get the best results - and with all effects applied to the scene-view, you'll never have to swap between scene and game views while designing.

Demo scene with models & textures included!

Asset version: 2.4
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