Camera Filter Pack v4.0.0

Camera Filter Pack v4.0.0

Camera Filter Pack : More Than 310 Awesome Filters for your Camera !

Now Single Pass Stereo Support ! ( Unity 5.4 and more )

Camera Filter Pack offer you the best collection of high quality full screen post-processing effects to enhanced and improved the quality of your game. All the filters are optimized and adjustable. Add and turn on awesome next-gen filters to your camera!

Camera Filter Pack require Unity 5.0+ (Personal or Pro)

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Add AAA Rain FX


- Add 7 Glasses On FX : Classic, Vampire, Night, Futuristic Montain, Futuristic Desert and Spy
- Add Fade parameter to TV_Arcade
- Add Fade parameter to TV_Arcade_2
- Add Fade parameter to TV_Arcade_Fast
- Add Fade parameter to TV_Artefact
- ADD 25 new LUT textures
- Add Fade, Intensity and Speed parameters to TV_Chromatical
- Add Fade, Zoom Fade, Zoom Speed parameters to TV_Chromatical_2
- Add Remodeling Horror FX with Fade and Distortion parameters
- Add Fade parameter on TV_Led
- Add Fade on Planet Mars
- Add Fade on TV Posterize
- Add Fade on TV Tiles


- Add Sniper Score Filter
- Improve VHS HQ parameters
- Improve Gliths parameters
- Improve Drunk parameters ( Distortion, Color, Wave and more )
- Improve TV Noise Parameters
- Add Movie Noise
- Improve Old Movie 2 Parameters
- Improve TV 50' and TV 80'


- Fix Lut minor issue.


- Add more then 20 new filters !
- Better filter reorganisation.
- Preview the filters on our website.
- Documentations of all the filters online.
- Add 3D Matrix
- Add 3D Rain Drop System FX Pro
- Add 3D Scene Scan
- Add 3D Myst
- Add 3D Binary
- Add 3D Computer
- Add 3D Snow
- Add 3D Black Hole
- Add 3D Ghost Light
- Add 3D Anomaly
- Add 3D Shield
- Add Atmosphere Fog
- Add Pixelisation Sweater Textile
- Add 3 Vignettes FX with color selection
- Add Lut Color Lookup Table
- Add 172 Lut Textures
- Add Lut Color Plus : With Blend
- Add Lut Play with, have fun with Lut with many parameters.
- Add fade on GrayScale, Invert, Sepia
- Add new parameters on Flush
- Better Film Grain Algorithm, Ascii
- Fix Vision Rainbow positions


-Add Weather "Rain" fully parametrable (Intensity,direction,distortion,...)
-Add Weather "Rain Pro" with thunder and intelligent water drop on edge
-Add Pixel Snow FX 8 Bits with direction support
-Add Fade and Size on Weather "Blizzard"
-Add Distortion Twist
-Add Distortion Twist Squared
-Fix and optimize Antialiasing FXAA


-Add 2 new filters
-Blood Hit (Blood hit from sides)
-TV Arcade Fast


-Add 2 new AAA blood FX
-Blood On Camera
-Blood Plus


- Add Fly Vision FX
- Add Manga Flash Color
- Add TV Noise 1
- Add TV Noise 2
- Add TV Noise 3
- Add TV Horror
- Fix some pink screen in some devices

-Add Blur Tilt Shift
-Add Blur Tilt Shift Verticale
-Add Blur Tilt Shift Hole
-Add Glow Add Glow Color
-Add Distortion Aspiration
-Add FX Dark Matter


-Add 6 new filters
-Add Drawing Paper ( Squared )
-Add Drawing Paper 2
-Add Drawing Paper 3 ( Old Paper )
-Add Drawing BluePrint
-Add Vision Blood Fast ( 600% faster than Vision Blood )
-Add Vision Hell Blood
-Fix some shaders errors

- Add 5 new filters
- Real VHS : Ultra high realistic VHS with YUV, Distortion, everything to look like a old vhs video and it's work on high-end mobile at 60fps
- Binary Glitch
- Vision Droste
- Vision Rainbow
- FX Scan

- Add Broken Glasses Distortion, Bullet Holes with Distortion
- Add Color YUV

-Add Weather Blizzard

- Add Extra Rotation Screen
- Add Drawing Lines
- Add Realistic Blood

- Add 8 new filters
- Drawing : Curve
- Drawing : Manga Flash
- Drawing : Manga Flash White
- Vision : Aura
- Vision : Aura Distortion
- Retro : Loading
- FX : Digital Matrix
- FX : Digital Matrix Distortion

- Add extra frame per second filter

- Add 3 new filter (vhs tracking and 2 eyes vision)

- Add 10 new Night Vision Filters fully customizable

-NEW version 2.0

- Add more then 75 new filters !
-Add Chroma Key : Blue Screen & Green Screen ! ( Great for Menu with Camera FX! )
-Add Photo Color Filters more than 20 filters !
-Add Blend between 2 Cameras with 25 blending photoshop filters !
-Add Adjust Colors and more
-Add new awesome Night Vision
-Add Pixelisation FX
-Add Screen Gradients more than 10 filters !
-Add 2 New Old Film Filters
-Add Realistic Broken Camera Glass
-Add Earth Quake Camera Shake
-Add Enhanced smooth and rotative split screen between 2 camera
-Fix AAA WaterDrop flip Y
-Fix Snow 8 bit flip Y

-NEW version 1.9

-Work with Unity 5
-Add 20 new awesome filters !
-Add blood vision and many other amazing vision fx.
-Add many new distortion screen fx.
-Now support the change in play mode !
Fix all the pink screen, now all the filters work fine.

-NEW version 1.8

Add TV Arcade 2
Add Alien Vision
Add Oculus Therma Vision
Add TV Old Movie 2
Add Atmosphere Snow 8-Bits

-NEW version 1.7

Add TV - Chromatical 2
Add FX - Light Rainbow
Add FX - Light Rainbow 2
Add FX - Screens
Add FX - Glitch 1
Add FX - Glitch 3
Add FX - Drunk 2
Add Light - Water 2
Add FX - Plasma

-NEW version 1.6

Add 4 new Filters

-AAA Super Computer
-Antialiasing FXAA
-Drawing NewCellShading
-TV Led

-NEW version 1.5

-Add Enhanced Comics FX
-Add Blur Hole FX

-NEW version 1.4

ADD 3 new filters :
-TV 50s
-TV 80s
-Drawing CellShading 2
-Update: TV Distorted with new parameters

-NEW version 1.4 !
-Night Vision 3
-AAA Super Hexagon
-TV Aterfact
-TV Compression FX
-TV Planet Mars

-TV Vintage
-TV Old Movies
-TV Arcade
-Drawing Comics
-Drawing Manga
-Night Vision
-8 Bits
-Oil Painting
-Cell Shading
-Water drop
-RGB manipulation
-And many many more !

All the filters are parametrable and optimised.

You can also combine filters.
You can easily combined filters.

All the shaders are not compiled.
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