Explosive Realistic VFX Texture Pack v1

Explosive Realistic VFX Texture Pack

Explosive Realistic VFX Texture Pack – download Unity asset

A complete package of the most essential explosion and fire textures for realistic looking games.

Package includes:
10 sprite sheet animations
Two distortion textures + shader
One tiled tracer sheet
One glow texture
Example effects

The sprite sheet animations include:
Explosions, fire, fireball, fire shockwave, smoke shockwave, smoke trail, normal smokes and ember sheet.

The package consists mainly of sprite sheets - the base component for most effects. Use these sprite sheets to create your own particle effects, tailor suited for your game. Its important to use HDR glow when rendering the effect for the best result.

An example effect is provided for each texture - plus several bigger examples of combined effects. The bigger examples are a nuke, flame thrower, meteor impact, bouncing fireballs, rapid firing weapon and a large fire.

Asset version: 1
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