Imagy VFX v1.3

Imagy VFX

Imagy VFX Beta! – download Unity asset

The package will keep improving including more effects over the next updates.

All shaders can be edited by using the Amplify Shader Editor.

This package includes 16 prefabs of the effects: Dark Paralysis, Lightning Blast, Paper Power, Blink, Soul Crystal, Angry pumpkin, Accurate gunshot, Fast gunshot, Shadow hole, Double attack shuriken, Void grenade, Lightning Splash, Rune of Power, Water Splash, Sakura Shield, Sakura Strike.

Each effect has the sound and icon.
Please see the videos and screenshots.

HDRP, LWRP are not supported (waiting when it will come out of preview status)
(Asset is not tested and optimized yet for mobile devices.)

Stay tuned for further updates.

Promo media (videos, images) uses the Post-Processing Stack by Unity Technologies.

Requires a GPU that supports shader model 3.0 or higher

Asset version: 1.3
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    1. The file is not "Imagy VFX" it is "Variety Spells"
      1. Fixed, try now