CamelotVFX: Fire & Smoke v1.0

CamelotVFX: Fire & Smoke

This package contains realistic fire and smoke FX rendered from 3D software by an FX Artist professional in the Animation/Film industry. Included are the sprite sheets and prefabs for 12 effects, in addition to an example explosion prefab demonstrating how the sprites can be combined to make a unique and advanced effect. Enjoy!

Click here to see a video of the FX in action!

Click here for a web player demo!


12 4096x4096 Sprite Sheets (512x512 pixels per frame)
-3x Flame
-3x Large Oil Rig Fire w/ Smoke
-3x Smoke
-3x Flamethrower

14 prefabs
-4x Flame
-3x Large Oil Rig Fire w/Smoke
-3x Smoke
-3x Flamethrower
-1x Epic Explosion

Asset version: 1.0
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