ELEMENTALIS - 2018 Revamping (500+ FX Magic & Spells - MEGABundle 03)

ELEMENTALIS - 2018 Revamping (500+ FX Magic & Spells - MEGABundle 03)

If you missed the one and only 90% 24 hours flash sale I made this year, you can still subscribe ▶HERE to selectively choose only the exclusive info you may be interested about - important updates, new assets, giveaways and more!

Major Unity 2018 restyle and revamp in progress - price momentarily dropped!
(IMPORTANT: version for 2017.3.1 contains legacy content and will be dropped soon, temporarily here for your own convenience - make backups!)
▶Facts: 4 years on the store and counting: Madness Sale, Staff picked, Special sales, Top grossing, first biggest FX bundle ever on the store after Volume 01 and Volume 02.

500+ all-purpose, highly-reusable unique magic FX prefabs you may need for your games! - Unique: ▶they're not recolors!
Due to their modular nature you can easily cut off or ramp up/down their particle count/detail, allowing to use and reuse them right out-of-the-box to ship your games, for prototyping, for mobile, or as a base to build your own - in minutes you may have your ▶even more unique looking FX e.g. by just replacing a texture!

▶ High modularity - add or remove to match your personal taste
▶ Contained texture count - save memory and replace/customize easily
▶ Vibrant HDR ready particle shaders - make them bloom!
▶ 2D/Mobile/VR friendly-ish
▶ Tested on Oculus, HTC Vive, GearVR, top gamma best selling 2016 mobiles - no issues
▶ Scripts free/independent - just plain, native Particle Systems (ok, there's one script, but mostly for showcasing :P ) - add your own logic/behaviours: you get the visual part, free from any hassle or usage constraints - "is it a projectlle? Is it a plane? I don't care, I'm going to use the FX as light source - or as a loading screen!" unleash your fantasy!
▶ You're welcome to ask for specific FX/elements to be added to the bundle (subject to approval)
▶ 37+ magic elements, each one featuring a full set of effects and shapes:
Acid, arrow, bio, bio_alt, blood, bubbles, buff, crystal, darkness, death, debuff, drain, earth, energy, fire, flare, flower, gamma, glitter, goo, heal, ice, lava, life, lightning, meteors, negative, negative_alt, poison, poison_alt, positive, positive_alt, prismatic, psionic, sand, silence, smoke, sonic, stars, sword, tech, water, web, wind, and 7 element complementary variants
▶ 10 FX shapes for each element:
Long Cone FX, Wide Short Cone FX, Cast FX 1, Cast FX2, Wall FX, Projectile FX, Hit FX, Circle FX, Pillar FX, Shield FX (with 2 snappings, base and center).
▶ Tweaked to look good also at a distance
▶ Tweaked to look good on both Linear and Gamma color spaces (Forward)
▶ Soft particles support (Deferred, revamped prefabs are being tweaked)
▶ Reasonable compromise between appearance and FX complexity (ongoing upgrade)
▶ Less than 2 eurocents per FX!
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