MEGA 503 Magic Spells FX - NeatWolf's FX Pack 01

MEGA 503 Magic Spells FX - NeatWolf's FX Pack 01

As more prefabs and magic elements are added the price is likely to increase, grab it now!

Featuring all the effects you may need for spells, as a base or ready to use:
* 503 professionally tuned highly-reusable easily re-colorable and tweakable particle special effects prefabs about SPELLS AND MAGIC!
And think of all the variants you could easily create!

The package contains 37+ magic elements, each one featuring a full set of effects!
Acid, arrow, bio, bio_alt, blood, bubbles, buff, crystal, darkness, death, debuff, drain, earth, energy, fire, flare, flower, gamma, glitter, goo, heal, ice, lava, life, lightning, meteors, negative, negative_alt, poison, poison_alt, positive, positive_alt, prismatic, psionic, sand, silence, smoke, sonic, stars, sword, tech, water, web, wind, and 7 element complementary variants!

For each element you'll find: Long Cone FX, Wide Short Cone FX, Cast FX 1, Cast FX2, Wall FX, Projectile FX, Hit FX, Circle FX, Pillar FX, Shield FX (with 2 snappings, base and center).
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