Realistic Weather Effects v1.1

Realistic Weather Effects v1.1

Realistic Weather Effects is a nice and varied spritesheet animations pack especially made for weather applications or 2D games on mobiles or computers!

You can use them for 3D & 2D games, and you will find many effects types :

- Thunderstorm, clouds, rain, sun, snow, moon, lightning, stars... Effects are perfectly looped, you can create different sequences to chain animations.

Pictures are provided in PNG format (4096x4096 64 frames, 512x512 pixel frame size) with perfect alpha. For mobile use, think to resize images with unity!

The pack contains :

- 16 high quality spritesheet animations
- 16 Shuriken emitters to see animations
- A small showroom level
- 1 Thunderstorm sound (click during demo)
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