Mesh Effects v1.3.2

Mesh Effects v1.3.2

This package includes 21 mesh effects.

PC/Consoles/Mobiles/VR supported.
Does not works with 2D sprites

- Works out of box (just drag and drop)
- Any color in one click
- Effects scale relative to a real mesh size
- Works with a "mesh renderer" and a "skinned mesh renderer"
- The demo scene includes (with animations/characters/weapons/environment)
- HDR effects with the standard physical unity bloom (post-processing v1/v2)
- The optimized cinematic bloom for mobiles (very fast in some cases then any bloom posteffect which uses OnRenderImage)
- Fast soft particles and distortions for mobiles
- Supported UI 3D-System

Limitation: Unity3d does not supported more then 1 material per a submesh. For correct adding a new materials to all submeshes it need to split a submeshes.
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